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When divorcing, people should consider setting up a new email address or, at the very least, changing their password. This particularly applies to communications with their lawyer, therapist, or new partner and avoid using a new password that their other half may be able to guess

They should change the password on bank accounts and social media and consider who to block on social media accounts.

Changing the pin of their phone, switching off ‘Find my Phone’ and stopping sharing calendars are also recommended. Before you decide who gets to keep your shared devices, back up what you want and then factory reset.

Finally, they should log out of sites where they would normally remain logged in and untick ‘remember my password’ options.

Divorce Solutions are a team of 5 experienced lawyers but, what makes us different to a firm of solicitors, is that we are acting as divorce consultants. We help people navigate the legal maze and stop them making expensive mistakes. We use our experience of the divorce process to find solutions to lower the temperature and save money.

If the above resonates or you know someone who may benefit from speaking to us, please do contact me. We don’t charge for an initial consultation.

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