Case studies

Case studies

Divorce Solutions have worked with many international clients. The following are just some of the jurisdictions where our clients have had an interest:-

US, Canada, Brazil, Peru, France, Spain, Greece, Israel, Rumania and South Africa

Case of Mr M

Supporting and guiding a property developer/businessman through his divorce and financial settlement. This involved assisting with his complicated financial disclosure (Form E) plus replies to the many questions that the other side raised regarding the information supplied. The client, being advised by a direct access barrister, was able to reach settlement by round table discussions with the other side thereby incurring minimal cost and without recourse to the courts.

Case of Mr G

Supporting a partner in a professional practice through a distressing mediation of the financial aspects of the break up of his civil partnership. Suggesting that the client obtain settlement and tactical advice from a direct access barrister. The barrister’s advice coupled with our input again enabled settlement to be reached at minimal cost and with the parties being able to maintain their dignity and an ongoing friendship.

Case of Mrs F

Helping a vulnerable wife from a long marriage with adult children assemble relevant financial information and very importantly find the ‘right’ solicitor to support her through her separation and divorce from a wealthy controlling international husband. Arranging and accompanying client to solicitor interviews, helping the client make the choice of solicitor and obtain advice following which she is considering her options.

Case of Mrs R

Helping a client, unfamiliar with the couple’s finances, to prepare her financial disclosure (Form E) and budget for mediation

Case of another Mrs R

Brought in at a late stage to support a professional lady involved in an acrimonious divorce. Supporting and helping her obtain advice on and improve the terms of the financial agreement proposed between her and her husband.

Case of Mrs M

Being brought in by a barrister to support their direct access client with distressing children case involving serious allegations and implications. Assisting client with the assembly and presentation of evidence and preparation for court hearing.

Case of another Mr M

Assisting a businessman identify dispute resolution options for separation and divorce from a 10 year marriage with two children. Helping with the preparation of a complicated and lengthy financial disclosure and the obtaining of advice on the likely financial settlement followed by round table meeting to resolve matters at minimal cost.

Case of Mrs C

Helping the wife of an international couple who were in business together, to obtain advice on the terms of a proposed separation and financial settlement. Working with the client and her direct access barrister to achieve a workable and affordable solution for both parties.


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