Meet our team

Meet our team

David Margo is the founder of Divorce Solutions. When in practice he was a partner in several large London law firms. In 2007 he left the profession to set up his own consultancy. After bereavement, David raised three young children as a single parent.

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M: 07956 807026

Hannah Sisk has over 10 years of family law experience in both children and financial cases bringing a creative and empathetic approach to help clients understand and cope with the divorce process. She is adept at supporting clients through this stressful, often complex and emotional time and, as a skilled mediator, she facilitates discussion and resolution of conflict.

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M: 07813 123295

Jeffrey Freeman had a long career in family law where he dealt with many big national and international money cases. His experience has taught him to strike the right balance between the conciliatory and the aggressive approach and the appropriate tactics to use in either case.

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M: 07799 588305

Liz Saunders was a partner in one of London’s leading family law firms. Liz’s approach is both pragmatic and empathetic, assisting clients to resolve issues in a constructive manner, whilst ensuring that their interests, and those of any children, are protected. Liz is married with three young children.

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M: 07971 197997

Julia Moreno worked 10 years in a leading family law practice and is well equipped to guide clients at this emotional and difficult time in a practical and protective manner. With an understanding, sensible and professional approach, Julia is committed to assisting clients achieve the best outcome, whilst striving to reduce conflict and distress. Julia is also able to provide support in Spanish.

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M: 07593 977291

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