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With the head of the family courts estimating that 20% of marriage break- ups are wrongly ending up in court, mediation provides a good cheap and quick way of reaching a divorce settlement.

Wherever possible we encourage mediation, but some parties are naturally nervous about trying a process they don’t understand and where they may feel on the back foot, particularly where the other party is controlling or financially more astute.

We mediate, but even where we are not involved because a third party is mediating, parties have found that it helpful for us to coach them and prepare them for the process and help them formulate a plan to achieve their objectives.

We are a team of non-practicing lawyers acting instead as divorce consultants to help people navigate the legal maze and stop them making expensive mistakes. We use our experience of the divorce process to find solutions to lower the temperature and save money.

If your marriage isn’t working.
What should you do?

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If you are separating or divorcing
How we can help

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If you are ready to proceed
What happens now?

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