Your marriage isn’t working

What should you do when your marriage isn’t working?

When the unknown feels frightening and issues you have not previously had to face beset you, where do you start? At such a stressful time it is so hard to find the right answer to questions like:

  • Is my marriage beyond saving?
  • What is best for the children?
  • Can we afford to break up?
  • What am I entitled to and how long will it take to sort things out?
  • Can we afford to go to Court?
  • Can the two of us settle things ourselves?
  • Do we actually need a lawyer?
  • Should we try mediation or some other process?
  • If we go to Court how can I save money on legal fees?
  • Where do I find the best advice and how do I keep the costs down?

On your own these decisions can be overwhelming but by calling upon our knowledge and experience of the divorce process we will help you cope with your separation more effectively, avoid the pitfalls, explain and clarify the legal process, and stop you making expensive mistakes.

We will:

  • Explain the complex issues in clear and simple language
  • Refer you to appropriate professionals where there is a chance of saving your marriage
  • Help you consider your options
  • Help you formulate a strategy
  • Help you obtain the right legal advice
  • Save you money by managing legal costs and time productively
  • Ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible
  • Work hand in hand with your legal team
  • Stop you making expensive mistakes

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