The Divorce Solutions team is demonstrably experienced in their field, with a highly human and personal approach to clients’ difficult circumstances. I felt the team was on my side all the time, with their advice suitably tailored to my needs

 AA London SE5

 I just wanted to express my gratitude to Divorce Solutions for all of their help and support during my difficult time with legal proceedings. Hannah Sisk, was empathetic, patient and kind and all of this was provided at a reasonable cost.

 KM Bedfordshire

I was following the conventional solicitor route and the costs and stress levels just kept rising whilst the chances of settling were decreasing. Divorce Solutions looked at my case in a completely different way, they were a breath of fresh air. I always felt in good hands and completely supported. Divorce Solutions also came up with some truly creative ideas enabling me to settle without having to go to court

 ST London N6

 I just want to say thank you for your support through a very difficult time. It was so comforting to know that you were only a phone call away

 GJ Gloucestershire

 I highly recommend Divorce Solutions. I was getting into a flat spin with expensive solicitors who really weren’t helping (and I’d tried several big name firms). Hannah and David helped me to regain perspective, keep me calm and helped me to get direct access to a barrister so I could get high quality, personalised legal advice in a much more cost effective and efficient way. Most importantly for me, they helped bring the human dimension back into my discussions with my partner, which in the end meant we mediated a deal that we could both live with and which helped us to preserve positive regard for one another

 CG London NW3

 Divorce Solutions took the burden off my shoulders and did a lot of the worrying for me. They were a fantastic support. I don’t know how I would have got through without them

 BP West Sussex

 Divorce Solutions were fantastic. When my wife and I were having a difficult time, Divorce Solutions talked matters through with us and helped us sort everything out. They saved us money but, more importantly, they saved our marriage

 DS Oxford

 I don’t have any negatives. You advised well, professional, caring, great support and saved me a lot of money by not getting drawn into the pointless squabbles that happen in these situations.

All in all a great service. Quick response and continued understanding and support through the whole process. Derived outcome determined at onset and delivered as promised. All in all a service I would recommend over and over again.

 AW, Hertfordshire




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