Daily archives: August 15, 2022

The biggest change in the divorce process in almost 50 years came into force earlier this year so that it is no longer necessary for one party to blame the other by alleging unreasonable behaviour or adultery. Now the applicant can merely state that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. Furthermore, applications for divorce can be made on line at the government website.

However, to be clear, whilst this makes the divorce process easier and can reduce conflict at the start of the process, unfortunately arguments regarding money and children remain as difficult as ever to resolve.

At Divorce Solutions we help people navigate the legal maze and stop them making expensive mistakes. We use our experience of the divorce process to find solutions to lower the temperature and save money.

You may be surprised to hear that now-a days there are processes available to resolve these difficult situations without even involving a solicitor!

If your marriage isn’t working.
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