Let’s Cohabit And Not Get Married?

Cohabitation is the fastest growing family type in the UK with almost 4 million couples cohabiting in 2021. However, this is a huge problem as most people mistakenly believe that cohabitation (which some refer to as a common law marriage), gives the same rights as a married couple. This is wrong.


If the cohabiting couple break up, they must rely on the general law to resolve disputes: for example, if not named on the title deeds of their home, such disputes can be difficult and expensive and often result in an unsatisfactory outcome.

A cohabitation agreement setting out what is to happen in the event of a relationship breakdown is a good way of protecting the parties and should always be considered. Such an agreement should include what is to happen to joint property, mortgages & loans, savings and investments etc if the cohabiting relationship ends.

Although it is possible to write your own cohabitation agreement there are pitfalls that need to be avoided so it is sensible to enlist qualified help and to keep the agreement under review in the event of a material change in circumstances.

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